Russian Nesting Dolls

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  • Unique Russian Nesting Doll Butterflies And Pansies Hand Painted Babushka
  • Russian Nesting Dolls Christmas Horse Sleigh Wood Handmade In Russia Set Of 5
  • 10 Vintage 1990s Signed Russian Nesting Dolls Set Of 10 Matryoshka W Fairytale
  • 20 Dolls, Russian Matryoshka, By The Author, Height 9, Gilding Potala, Palekh
  • Russian Nesting Dolls Christmas Santa Wood Handmade In Russia Set Of 5 6.5
  • Russian Matryoshka 10 Pcs Traditional 25cm (matreshka). Handmade Brand New 991
  • Unique Russian Nesting Doll Dogs Hand Painted Babushka
  • Beauty And The Beast Russian Hand Carved Hand Painted Nesting Doll Fairy Tales
  • Ten-piece Matryoshka / Russian / Nesting Doll Wood Figures Excellent Condition
  • Wooden Russian Doll Hand Painted Matryoshka Set Of 7 Classic
  • Vintage Palech Style Russian Nesting Dolls 10pcs Set'ruslan I Ludmila' Signed
  • Russian Collectible Author's Roly Poly, Matryoshka/doll Hand Made Girlfriends