Russian Nesting Dolls

Wooden (1/20)

  • Vintage Russian Matreshka Birch Wooden Nesting Doll Hand Painted Gold Leaf
  • Custom Nesting Dolls Matryoshka Doll Fairytale Art Wooden Doll Russian Doll
  • Matryoshka Handmade Toy Wooden Toy Hand-painted Exclusive Russian Nested Doll
  • Nesting Dolls, Ooak Doll, Matryoshka, Russian Doll, Babushka Doll, Wooden Dolls
  • Russian Nesting Doll, Matryoshka, Wooden Souvenir Doll, Carved Matryoshka
  • Russian Babushka Matryoshka Set Of 12 Wooden Pink Nesting Dolls 1cm To 20cm
  • Russian Nesting Doll, Russian Ballet Matryoshka, Wooden Doll, Ussr Matryoshka
  • Old Rare Russian Ussr Nesting Doll 1992 Wooden Hand-painted Matryoshka
  • Matrioshka Russian Vintage Authentic Hand Painted Wooden Nesting Dolls
  • Russian Matryoshka Presidents Leaders Nesting Dolls Wooden Gorbachev 10 Pc Set
  • Russian Nesting Doll, Matryoshka, Empress Wooden Doll, Wedding Gift, Home Decor
  • 5 1/2'' Russian Matryoshka Wooden Nesting Dolls Flowers 15 Pieces Vintage