Russian Nesting Dolls

Wooden (1/25)

  • Nesting Dolls Hand-carved Matryoshka Russian Wooden Nesting Dolls
  • Vintage Russian Nesting Matryoshka Hand Painted Wooden Dolls 7 Piece Set
  • Nesting Dolls Empress Matryoshka Russian Doll Exclusive Wooden Nesting Dolls
  • Harry Potter Russian Nesting Doll 5 Pcs /19cm Handmade Wooden Rare
  • Russian Dolls X 7 Exquisite 1995 Detailed Gold Wooden Gloss Hand Painted
  • Vintage Wood Wooden Russian Nesting Doll Set Hand Painted Artist Signed 10 Dolls
  • 2pcs Russian Nesting Doll Ussr Space Program 6 Wooden Matryoshka Hand-painted
  • Alkota Russian Genuine Wooden Collectible Nesting Doll Eudoxia, 6.5h
  • Vintage 9 Wooden Hand-painted Russian Nesting Dolls 10pc Set Artist Signed 1997
  • Nesting Dolls Russian Matryoshka Traditional Babushka Wooden Stacking Set 10 Pcs
  • Russian Matryoshka Russian Wooden Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces #9
  • Rare Disney Beauty And The Beast Hand Painted 10 Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls